My attempt at sculpting Cantus Fraggle from memory. That’s supposed to be his magic pipe with a rainbow swirl of magical music coming out of it.

Our Melody aims to gather all of the best songs from Jim Henson’s various projects, provide lyrics, highlight the songwriters, and celebrate the poignance and/or irreverence of these songs. I really believe that there’s an appropriate Muppet song for (almost) every moment in life. The name comes from episode 118 of Fraggle Rock, “The Minstrels.”

Here is my promise to you: lyrics first, then analysis. You know when you click on a link for a recipe and it’s from one of those food blogs where they give you a ten-paragraph essay with perfectly staged photos before you ever get to the recipe? None of that here.

That being said, it’s often hard to get a complete understanding of lyrics for a song. I will try my best to faithfully record what lyrics I’m sure of and make my best guess at the rest. When lyrics are underlined, that means I’m guessing, and I need your help, dear reader, to help me complete the puzzle! Comment with your own best guess and I’m sure we can all figure it out together.

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